Sunday, November 29, 2015

An update in photos and most importantly Kendall's birthday!

It is next to impossible to get a photo without a peace sign or fingers at Avery's mouth or eyes!

I may have featured this venting machine in a previous adoption. It is located on the first floor of the health center where all the children go for their visa physicals. 

See what I mean! Sharon, isn't this outfit cute! (Thanks)

As we were leaving for church on Sunday there were a row of cars all decorated with bows. I assume it was for a wedding! Speaking of weddings!

This dress was at the hotel where we went to church. Isn't it beautiful. I wish I had taken one a little closer!

This song was sung during the offering!

This is a photo of the pastor from Peru and his friend and translator!

Last night we attended a birthday party for the other teen in the group, she turned 14! I snapped this photo of Avery while we waited! She wanted to put her hands up but listened to me, I was trying my best to get the rickshaw and Avery together!

Here's a close up! Working on letting her bangs grow out! I just wanted to share that we had some good bonding moments yesterday and I saw a new side of Avery that was precious and caring!

On our walk to Oggi's for the pizza, we passed this beautifully decorated Christmas tree!

Just a couple of shots of all the party guest! This is basically the group from Kunming plus Donna and her beautiful daughter that we met in Detroit! Donna's daughter is so cute and funny!

The other end of the table! Pat is Justine's mom and someone that I deeply admire. Pat has been someone that I have been able to talk to on this trip, what a blessing!

Corrie and Nate! Nate attended the same Fall Lifeline camp as Avery! Nate is full of life and a really neat kid! He brings a lot of joy to our group!

This little pumpkin is teething, Mom and Dad offered her a teething toy and she wanted no part of it, she preferred the plate! Isn't she a doll baby?

The candles are being lit and it is time to sing!

It was a fun night and I'm happy that Avery and I were asked to attend!

The beautiful birthday girl! 

In the mean time the girls in Miami have been busy!

Everglades National Park!

Fairchild Gardens!

Lunch at Johnny Rickets with balloons! Do you see the brown bear on Kendall's hat? Eden's is a Panda, she loves Pandas! Journey has a turtle with the cutest eyes. Mackinley has a rabbit! I assume that is the balloon artist behind them! What fun!

The girls with their pouty faces waiting for me to call! The timing is often difficult and the connections aren't always good. I can't wait to see them!

Today is Kendall's birthday! This was a selfie you took with her brown bear! You are a treasured gift and I love you "Most"! Happy Birthday, Kendall!

Until next time . . .

Saturday, November 28, 2015


The Garden hotel must be at full capacity! When we checked in Friday night two families were taken upstairs to the executive checkin due to the long line downstairs! I was one of those two and it was nice after our long day of waiting and travel!

This morning (Sunday) we went down to breakfast and there were about 20 to 25 people in line ahead of us to get in so Avery and I skipped over to the coffeeshop in the hotel. I selected a blueberry muffin and she chose some sort of blueberry pastry. She had orange juice in the room and we shared a banana.

Backing up a bit, Saturday was the medical appointment. I assume Avery passed with flying colors! There was very little communication between the medical staff and myself! Bye the way, this is totally understandable due to the large number of children they are trying to process on a Saturday morning. Avery did need three immunizations before heading to the US.

I was able to talk with Karla from Lifeline, no firm decisions have been made at this time. I have until Tuesday morning. Much is to be considered and many more facts need to be obtained prior to Tuesday. Once I make my decision I will share with my FAMILY and closest prayer partners and friends prior to posting on the blog.

I have read and posted every comment. I know many of you mean well BUT each child and home situation is different. There are so many factors that I have not shared publicly, and only those closest too me know what is really going on. Trust me, this is not a situation I take lightly! Many of you went through "hell" in country and I know that from talking with you or reading your blogs. I know many have had hard journeys and are now on the other side grateful and thankful to see the change in your child! I rejoice with you and praise God for seeing you through those rough years. Each family, child and situation in unique, remember what was right and good for you and your family might not be right for my family! End of conversation!

Moving on, today rather than shopping, I went to church with two other families. It was refreshing to my heart and soul! An international church in China with a guest pastor from Peru, he preached in Spanish and the message was translated to English! He taught the WORD! Why Lifeline choses to shop on Sunday is beyond me, especially with them being a Christian organization. I would love to see them incorporate this experience into their travel agenda or at least offer it as an option for families so they can still shop without forgoing this wonderful time of teaching and worship!

After church we walked to Starbucks, our go to place this trip. Yep, another ham and cheese sandwich for me and a fruit cup and cheesecake for Avery! Tonight, we celebrate the 14th birthday of another little girl with pizza!

Praising God through the storm and thanking Him for continued guidance and direction in the days ahead!

Until next time . . .

Friday, November 27, 2015

Perhaps . . . unfair!

Perhaps . . I was unfair last night as I was tired! The situation has not changed!

Avery is a wonderful little girl with more needs than I can provide for as a single working mom! She is sweet, loves children, shares, and doesn't stay upset long at all. There are no issues with food, showering, or going along with the flow. Avery has a beautiful singing voice and wants to be a gospel singer! She has the talent!

I appreciate your prayers as I must do what is best for my girls at home and for Avery! I will talk to Karla later today about options! I really appreciate all those of you that have been supportive and nonjudgmental! It means the world. This is not something that I am taking lightly as I truly want what is best for all, including Avery.

Please continue to pray. I know that Avery is not the child she will be in the US. I get that, I've been there and done that already times four! Asking me to keep her when you are totally unaware of my home situation and Avery's need is a bit unfair. I know you mean well but that does not help the situation and places guilt on me which I do not need at this time!

My heart is for aging out girls, that is why as a nearly sixty year old I've been here three times. I know what happens to them and the lack of a future here.

I would ask that you would keep our situation before the throne and that God will open the right doors that will be best for all!

Praying for wisdom and knowledge!

Love her? I don't even like her!

Okay, I guess from that title you guessed all is not well on this side of the world! This child is NOTHING like the camper I was told about! Yes, I knew going in that there were no guarantees!

I never thought that I would be at this point! I'm sure my agency will be freaking out once they know that I am seriously considering aborting this mission! I'm sure one of them will see this but the truth has to come out at some point. Right?

I told my guide in province this morning before leaving how I felt. I know all the arguments, she will be different once home, you made a commitment and you must honor that, you will make your agency and yourself look bad, you have ruined this child chance at a forever family! Trust me I have thought of these and so much more!

Yes, I've been through older child adoption and I've seen the difficult child in country and I've weathered the storms of language, education and bonding! This child while sweet in ways has some "issues" that I wasn't totally aware of and I'm not sure that she will fit in with the girls at home. Right now, I'm praying about what is best for the family and this child!

Would you join me in praying that the right decision will be made and that I will receive a clear unmistakable direction from God my heavenly Father. Right now, I feel like Gideon asking God for a sign!

Tonight when we talked with the girls, Avery was very unsure if she wanted to be adopted! She is wavering back and forth too! 

I'm not 100% but I really think I missed God on this one! Praying and seeking God's wisdom.

Until next time . . .

This is HARD so please be gracious in your comments and opinions.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Orphanage visit on Thanksgiving Day!


Kunming is the nicest orphanage that I have had the opportunity to visit since beginning my adoption journey three and one-half years ago! The director and assistant director told us that we were part of the Kunming family and that we were welcome to visit with our children anytime. 

He thanked us time and time again and gifted us with a book about the Kunming Orphanage! The building was very clean as are most good orphanages. The children's photos hung everywhere and multiple walls displayed the children's artwork. 

I was able to get many photos of the children that are matched and look forward to sending them on once I figure out which child goes with what name. I visited the new (intake) nursery, this is also the place were infants go to receive IV's when they are sick. I was able to photograph a little boy as he received his medication.

This little guy needs a family!
The precious little girl has a family coming for her!

This little guy is the last little boy from the fall summer camp last year. He is still waiting. He was very calm, hugged each of us and the cutest little guy ever! His file has been placed back in the pool of files. I'm sure Karla and crew could get his file if you want to look at it!

A model of the Kunming Children's Welfare Institute

I was able to pick up some small items for the girls from the free market. David helped me get good prices! I found more than I was looking for, yet stayed within budget!

Group photo with the director and assistant director

Avery went with David and another family to eat dinner at a Chinese restaurant! I elected to stay home and eat a protein bar! The rest was good! Tonight I am packing our suitcase as tomorrow we fly out to Guangzhou! One week from today, I will be flying home! I can't wait to get home to see my family! 

Our family photo for the orphanage

 This is the drop box house for the orphanage! Approximately 7 to 8 children are left monthly!
The signs are telling the parents the 4 conditions that the government will pay for in the event the parents are too poor. There is even a number they can call to see if there child's condition is covered.

Once inside there is a sign about the end of the child's future. It also ask parents to tell the orphanage their date of birth so that they will forever have that to hold on to.

 I failed to get a photo of the bed and incubator in this drop off house. There is someone on duty 24 seven. Once the babies are taken in they reside in a special nursery for at least two months. This allows the staff to evaluate the child's health status and special needs.

The outside of the house! While abandonment is bad, this option is far better than a child being left on the street without warmth and protection.

A thanksgiving to remember! Praising God for his magnificent blessings! Did you know that the average income for those in China is less that 400 dollars /month!

Until next time . . .
Until next time . . .

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Minority Village

I'll let the photos speak for themselves! The trees below were fake! The greenery was real but the trunks were concrete!

I was determined to get more photos of Avery today!

I was so impressed with these massive trees until I learned they were fake!

Silly girls!

These kids love David and he is great with them!

There were zip lines above this lake. All the guys including little Nate went across. Then the two girls decided they wanted to go! Below is a photo of Avery on the zip line!

Avery taking her turn grinding the corn!

As you will see from the following photos Avery is somewhat of a daredevil! No fear!

We attended a show at one of the minority villages! I was sitting in the back on a small stool that felt like it was 2'' from the ground! The music and dancing were very entertaining!

My view hence not many photos!

We had a nice time! Once we came back our guide took those that wanted to go to a noodle shop. Avery went with them. I walked as far as Starbucks, I bought a sandwich, drink and souvenir coffee cup!

Nate's family delivered Avery safely back to my room. I'm grateful for their assistance and the opportunity to rest! I am feeling somewhat better! The antibiotics are helping!

I'm missing all my kids back home, especially this Thanksgiving morning. It seems so strange not to be there to celebrate! The girls are headed to Miami and sweet Bobie has sent be photos!

Breakfast in Tallahassee! New word find books with markers, each busy making the trip a lot more fun!

Today, Thanksgiving . . . orphanage visit!

Until next time . . .