Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Can you believe that Kendall and Journey are approaching their two year anniversary of being home? My amazing girls had their physicals today and each needed an update on their immunizations! Kendall had 5 injections and Journey 3.

While Journey was brave she broke down and shed tears after her injections! My heart broke for her! Kendall handled her's like a champ! I am proud of the girls and their ability to adapt to so many situations over the last two years.

Tomorrow, Mackinley and Eden have their immunization appointments! I'm not sure how many injections they will need! I am amazed at how well these girls are doing. Today has been a great day for Mackinley and I have loved seeing more of her personality. I'm so blessed!

Tonight the girls wrote their Chinese names on the chalkboard along with their English names. The also included the China treasure that we are praying about. Eden and Mackinley told me that they are happy that we are thinking about bringing her home. I took a photo of the board but cannot share it at this time.

Trusting God to love on our possible waiting China girl! God's love and plan for her is second to none! Waiting on his timing and provision!

Until next time . . .

Monday, April 14, 2014

Waiting….God's ways are perfect!

God's ways are perfect and nothing catches him off guard or surprise! While I can only see the here and now, he sees the big picture and what lies ahead!

It is my trust in him that allows me to wait in peace as he works behind the scene to answer the many questions and unknowns of the future.

When taking that leap of faith and trusting God, things do not always go as "I" planned or imagined. Now is one of those times, I put this matter in God's hands and now I must wait for answers.

The girls and I gathered together this afternoon to pray about the news we received. No matter what the outcome we will praise our God for we have put our faith and hope in him. We are trusting Him for his perfect will to be accomplished and in that process we will honor him!

Until next time . . .

Sunday, April 13, 2014


My love for these girls continues to grow with each passing day!

Journey, "Miss Sassy Pants"! 

A natural born leader, a gifted artist, and a focused athlete! 

Last week Journey was not feeling well and came to rest in my bed. It turned into a great bonding moment, another baby step forward! Cuddle time with Journey is always a blessing!

Mackinley, the quiet one!

Mackinley has wonderful penmanship and becomes upset when she doesn't do as well as she expects on her test! She also has a wonderful sense of humor is is fun loving!

While Miss Mackinley has been slower to use her English, she has a wonderful understanding and speaks well when she uses her English words! Mackinley has missed China more than any of the other girls. Her times of grief are usually short lived and she allows me to comfort her. Mackinley comes to welcome me home when I get home from work. A hug I look forward to and treasure!

Kendall, Miss "Worry Wart"

While I do not call Kendall by that title, I do have to constantly assure her that the puppies are okay on the weekends while in the care of the boys. I usually end up calling Gavin to assure Kendall that all is going well with her beloved pups!

Kendall is keenly aware of any change in mood with her sisters or myself. She is quick to let me know if something is wrong. Kendall is aware that she is not in the same place as her sisters and has shed tears about this. I reassure her that I love her exactly the way she is and remind her that she is learning and gaining everyday!

Eden, " Miss Whinny Pants" !

It seems Eden was babied by her foster family! She comes to me with the slightest of scratches, aches and pains! She is getting used to me saying, "you will be fine!"

Eden is caring, loving and helpful! She has a strong desire to please, love and be loved! I have come to enjoy her sweetness and thank God that she is one of my treasures!

As I pray and prepare for the possibility of one more, I thank God for these four wonderful girls and their personalities, likes, strengths and weaknesses!

I am continually amazed at how blessed I am to have such wonderful girls. When I hear about the "issues" some families are having with their older children, I stand back and thank God for my blessings.

Until next time . . .

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Walking in faith as I take this giant step forward . . .

My heart desires to bring home one more little girl from China! I met this child via her file back when I first started my adoption process. It wasn't God's plan for me to adopt her at that time. 

Now, nearly three years later she still waits and I am again moved with deep compassion for her. I have watched as she has been moved from one agency's list to another and now once again she has been placed on the shared list!

My heart is telling me to go after this baby, she has waited long enough! Oh how I would love to bring this sweet wonderful baby home. Hasn't she waited long enough?

Yes, I know the arguments! I'm single, old, and have a house full of girls now that require a lot of my time and energy. There is the matter of education, clothing, feeding and health care. Am I spreading myself to thin? Perhaps, but when God puts the matter of a child's future on my heart I can only do one thing and that is to respond, Yes Lord, I will go, Yes Lord, I will love this child, and Yes Lord, I will trust you to make a way!

As I pray and trust God, I ask that you would join me in asking and expecting God to provide the needed funds and that if this is truly his perfect plan for this princess the doors will be open.

Until next time. . . trusting!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Four girls and praying!

My girls are wonderful gifts from the Lord and I praise his name for allowing me to be their mother. 

Eden is the oldest of the 14 year olds. She has been home for seven months. Eden is an absolute love, a hard working student, and delight to my heart!

Eden born with bilateral cleft lip and palate has had bone graft surgery and braces since coming to the US. She has a long road ahead to full restoration of her sweet smile, yet we are making progress!

Next by age is Kendall Katherine! Kendall comes from the hardest background of all the girls. I praise God that he allowed me to adopt this sweet girl and that she now has an opportunity to learn!

Kendall will be home for 2 years in May! Wow! Kendall loves the puppies and takes great care of them, and she was afraid of dogs when she first came home. Kendall has a caring heart and the gift of helps! It amazes me that someone from such a hard place could love like this child!

The youngest yet tallest of the 14 year olds is Mackinley! Like Eden, Mackinley has been home for 7 months. This change has been hardest for Mackinley!

She is bonding and doing well, yet she has many things that trigger grief! My heart breaks for her during these times. This child born without a left hand is amazing! What she can do far exceeds what she can't do! I love this beautiful child and I'm thankful that she is my forever daughter!

The youngest is Journey, also home for nearly two years. This child is self confident and a natural leader! She is a gifted artist and has many talents!

Journey turned 13 last month! Her favorite color is blue! Journey likes to try and sneak up on me and is always surprised when I see her!

Four girls that didn't know each other yet four girls that God had his eye on! God's ways are perfect and I love how he brought these four together to be sisters and friends!

God has placed another girl on my heart and she is now on the shared list and needs a family! Would you join me in praying that God's perfect will be accomplished for this child and our family? Trusting him to do the impossible once again!

Until next time . . .

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

How to . . . a blog from my heart

We all know that my plate is very full, running over if you will. To be honest right now I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with the how to . . .

I love the girls and totally accept where they are in their development, yet I know they are far from their numerical age. Could I be doing more to help them advance? How to . . . help the girls mature  

I have one child that needs to bond, to let go of the control and trust that I am doing what is right for her. How to . . . help her let go of the fear and past and move forward in a trusting relationship

The good news, I am seeing compassion develop and that for the most part they understand the consequences to their actions

I am beyond blessed with my girls and want the best for them. If you have any suggestions or ideas to help with the above how to concerns please feel free to share.

Until next time . . .

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Long overdue photos . . . catching up!

I turned on the fireplace in my bedroom back when it was so cold and I enjoyed it so much. This was a treat as I rarely use it due to the expense.

The girls enjoyed the snow and kept bringing in their snowballs for me to see!

This was Journey's first time to see snow. Her ice ball is still in the freezer!

I took this photo just to prove that I really cooked! This is the before shot . . .

. . . and this was the after!

This was my first attempt at cooking a whole chicken and it was delicious and easy! The meat just fell of the bones! 

I never know what I'm going to find when I go to tuck the girls in at night! One night about a month ago this note was on the girl's bedroom door. Sweet but far from what was really happening…they weren't asleep. They love to talk and play for hours after we pray and I say, good night!

On March 17th we celebrated Journey's birthday. She wanted Taco's for dinner and then we ended the meal with ice cream and cake!

Instead of buying Easter outfits we joined the ever growing movement, Forget the Frock! We purchased Tee Shirts to help an adopting family to wear for Easter Sunday!

The tee says, Love crosses oceans! I loved this shirt and its message!

Thankfully, I have been able to leave a few hours early from work during this week of Spring Break! The girls and I have run errands, and today I walked around the long block twice while the girls rode their bikes! They had fun and it was a beautiful day to be outside!

Today marks the completion of three weeks on my 30 day Isagenix Challenge! I am loving this lifestyle change and the healthy benefits that have come along with this program! 

Until next time . . .

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Frustrated! (updated)

Frustrated! I have been to the Social Security Office not once but twice and the girls cards still aren't applied for. I am being told that because they were foreign born they have to hold them until they hear that they can process them.

Now, you and I know this isn't right. My girls are US citizens and they deserve their cards and I need to fill my income taxes! This is extremely frustrating as I have to take time off from work with each visit. I pray for a solution to this situation.

I was able to find someone to work for me on Journey's birthday so I had the day off to enjoy with her and the other girls. I made the breakfast of her choice! After breakfast I took the girls to shop for Journey's gifts. 

I left the girls in the movie/book section to pick out their gifts while Journey and I went to the front of the store to pick out a few things. I left Journey in the front of the store to look at jewelry while I went to check on the girls. The girls headed to the car while I paid for the "surprises"!

Kendall and Mackinley wrapped the gifts while Eden and Journey went to the orthodontist. They put stronger wires on Journey's braces and her mouth was sore which made eating her choice of tacos a little challenging!

We celebrated with a family dinner followed by cake and ice cream. The girls picked their own cards, one selected a card for a six year old and another picked a card for her granddaughter. So much for reading the card before purchasing! All the cards were selected for their covers. . .princesses!

One of the newer girls thanked me for "picking" her. She said that she was surprised to be "picked" and that she thought she would never be "picked"! Be still my heart! This child has the sweetest kindest spirit! I told her again how I was drawn to her photo and that I kept coming back to her! I told her that I was sorry that she had to wait so long and that I'm thankful God saved her for me.

In addition to Journey's birthday, an orthodontist visit, the puppies were spade and Mackinley and Eden had dentist appointments! It was a busy week!

I have finished my second week on Isagenix and I feel pretty good. I have lost 8.5 pounds and 11.25 inches. I like these results!

Until next time . . .

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy Birthday, Journey!

Happy 13th Birthday, 
Journey Caroline Xiang Simpson!

I will never forget the day I received your file! I knew at once that you were the one! I loved your dance video and was beyond excited when I finally received my PA for you.

I can hardly believe that we are nearing the two year home anniversary!  Your sisters love you and we are all thankful to have you as part of our family.

Eden, Mackinley, Journey and Kendall

Journey, you are the youngest, yet that does not stop you from being the "boss"! Seek God with all your heart, soul and mind and "lead" with God's love and His ways.

You are a great little sous chief! I love having your help in the kitchen!

Your second US birthday, I can hardly believe that you are turning 13! I love you and want you to know that I will always love you.

As we celebrate your special day, I want to remember your birth mother. I am thankful that she gave you life and loved you enough to place you where she knew you would be found and cared for until I could come for you.

I am thankful for your strong spirit and desire to achieve. 

Journey, I love your playful spirit and the way you like to tease and your attempts to sneak up on me! (Just as I finished typing this I heard Journey trying her best to sneak up on me!) 

Journey likes to cuddle and that makes this mama's heart happy!

Today, we celebrate you, Journey, and your birth! I praise God that he gave me you, a special gift, dearly loved and greatly treasured! Happy Birthday!

Until next time . . .

Thursday, March 13, 2014

No title!

It is cold outside and that hasn't stopped the girls from bundling up to go out and ride their bikes! To look out and see four identical bikes with nearly four identical girls (in size) ride down the road makes me smile!

This has been a week! A week that a new issue has surfaced. Talk about sending this mama to her prayer closet! This was a bridge I didn't expect to cross, yet here we are! I'm thankful that I can run to the throne, I pray that God will give me the wisdom and ability to walk through this time that brings hope and healing.

This has been my first week on the Isagenix healthy eating plan. I continue to feel more energized! My body is in shock from the green leafy veggies and sweet potatoes, foods that I passed up in the past but enjoyed this week! I eat my main meal in the middle of the day, it keeps me on track and is filling. I've been pretty surprised a how easy it has been to follow.

Monday is Journey's birthday and I need to step it up on planning her gifts and birthday dinner. I can't believe she will be 13! She has grown in height!

Trusting God to lead, guide and direct my steps as I care for the girls.

Until next time . . . Jesus, I trust you!

Monday, March 10, 2014


Mom went with my sister to Georgia to visit Bobie's son, Justin. That left my dad in charge of the girls this weekend! When we came in Friday night he was cooking them spaghetti! Back to Mom, I'm thankful she was able to go on this little get away!

Saturday morning, sister Robin brought doughnuts for coffee club. I had my water and Isagenix shake! My sisters and dad felt that I looked better after working all night than I had in sometime. They immediately contributed it to my new lifestyle change. I must admit I did not feel as tired.

Saturday afternoon Poppa took the girls out for lunch and for dinner he made them Asian stir fry with chicken. He totally spoiled them! I am thankful for parents that supported my adoptions and embraced the girls as their very own granddaughters!

This morning I weighed just to see what changes were going on in that department. I'm down 5 lbs while that is good, I feel better. I am actually thirsting for water. Yesterday was a cleanse day and I missed one serving of the cleanse powder/drink due to sleep!

Today in day two of the cleanse and I will be more on target with the program. I must admit I was hungry a couple of times, I ate the allowed IsaDelight Plus at two different times and was satisfied! You can have one to two of the IsaDelights and I went with one each time. For those of you that aren't familiar the IsaDelight Plus is a dark chocolate wafer! 

Yesterday evening I made the girls Chinese dumplings. Before dinner they enjoyed time outdoors with the puppies, biking and jumping rope. 

My heart is grieved over the 33 Christians that were murdered by the government in North Korea. I pray for their families, the fellow church members, may their hearts be comforted and their boldness for Christ not waiver during this time of sorrow, grief, and percussion.

Until next time . . . I trust you, Jesus!

Friday, March 7, 2014

Just another day

Today, I start my Isagenix! I have taken my measurements, weighed and I'll get someone to snap a photo of me at work! Typical of me, I've misplaced the daily check list of when to drink, what to snack on, well you get the picture! Thankfully, I found a checklist online! What would we do without the internet?

Kendall wants me to look like her, umm I don't think that is going to happen! That sweet girl wants me to be her size! If only!

Schooling is going well for the girls. They are nearing the end of their Bible class, yesterday three of the girls took math tests, and one had an English test. Spelling tests are weekly! Grading their work takes me a good hour or more depending if I couple it with listening to them read.

With the weather we have not had any real outings. Plus right now the funds just aren't there to do anything extra that requires cash. Thankfully, biking is free and before the rain hit again, the girls enjoyed an afternoon of bike riding.

Eden has adjusted to her braces! She told me that I was right that they weren't hurting now. She and Journey go back to the orthodontist on the 17th of this month.

We are past due for our six month visit from the social worker. I had not heard from her so I sent her a text asking about the visit. I guess that will be coming up shortly. I'll work on getting her photos and a list of the doctor's we have visited over the last six months.

The daily happenings seem boring and not really blog worthy yet this is our life!

Until next time . . . Jesus, I trust you!

Saturday, March 1, 2014

I love you!

As most of you know I'm over weight, a fact that has plagued me for years and I do mean years! I've tried it all and I loss only to go back to gain it back again over time!

I have watched several adoptive moms lose weight and have decided to join them in attempt to get in better health and drop a few pounds in the process!

My inspiration is Angie: I "borrowed" this photo from that social media site that is so popular, doesn't she look great?

Next week I will be starting the Isagenix 30 day plan and posting a before photo! If you would like to join me on this journey just shoot me an email or leave a comment and I will get back with you and we can work the plan together!

This week we visited the orthodontist twice! Monday for the doctor to look at Eden's mouth one more time, and Thursday morning for the actual appliance application.

Eden was a real trooper. They had to build up her back teeth with glue to keep her from hitting her brackets when she bites. In a few years she will have to have more surgery. I was told she will actually look worse for a while before she looks better! Each step of the journey brings her closer to her goal to have a beautiful smile!

Bonding, tonight one of the newer girls told me that she loved me as I left for work. What a sweet unexpected surprise! One night this week, one of the girls was moved to tears over her special need. She allowed me to cuddle her in my lap as she sobbed! 

Six months ago I was sitting in a hotel room in Nanjing recovering from the long flight and waiting to meet two wonderful girls. Oh the love that has grown in my heart for these girls. I'm thankful!

Until next time . . . I trust you, Jesus!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

LWB decision impacted one life . . . my child's!

I am thankful for Love Without Boundaries (LWB)! They came to an orphanage in China and started a Believe in Me School. My child was moved, along with many others, to this orphanage with the Believe in Me School, thus opening up to her and the others a chance for an education!

While her file in China wasn't entirely accurate, this move was not documented nor were the facts surrounding her abandonment. What we do know, she had a number not a name at her first location. She has shared that she was very afraid at this first location. Not only did LWB offer my child a chance at an education it rescued her from an extremely bad situation.

Her new orphanage while better was poor and lacked various essentials. Many of the children from the second orphanage left special nannies behind when adopted, known as "China mama's," my child did not. It saddens me that she did not know the love of a China mama or any mama for the first 12 years of her life. If only they could have looked past her stutter to see her heart. They would have come to know the most beautiful caring child, a child raised in the worst of environments that possesses a heart to share and help!

My child tells of having to use the bathroom outside, and digging through the trash to find scraps of food due to hunger. She also tells stories of being kept awake all night as punishment. She remembers being hit in the head and taken to the hospital for sutures. She tells of her food being taken away and watched as it was given to a dog!

She is happy to be in the US with a family! She has told me that she is happy and that she doesn't miss China. 

What amazes me is this child's heart! Despite her beginnings, she loves, she cares, and she is learning! This child strives to make 100's on her spelling test, she writes a number line every day to ensure she gets her math problems correct! While knowing hunger, she does not hoard food. She ensures that all her sisters get enough to eat.

Life with a family makes a difference! She stood soldier stiff when first hugged she now expects hugs and "I love you" when I leave for work.

Love Without Boundaries made a difference. While her life was far from perfect at this second location, she escaped a far worse environment. I am thankful that her file was submitted for adoption and that God opened the door for me to adopt her.

This child has bonded the best of all four girls. A child from a very hard place loves and receives love, what a blessing! The good news, your beginning does not defined your ending! 

LWB's decision to come to this small poor orphanage changed one child's life and I am forever grateful for the chain of events that occurred with their arrival to a place that needed the love and support they offer.

Until next time . . . I trust you, Jesus.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

My God provides!

Tuesday evening, I noticed the dreaded tickle in my throat. I know have a cough, sinus headache, plus I'm tired! Ugh! I just don't have time for this!

Yesterday, after work I loaded up the girls and headed to the social security office to apply for their cards. It was a rush to get there and they were closed! They close at 12 on Wednesdays! 

Then we were off to run a few errands! We stopped by the ophthalmologist office to pay a $5.00 bill that insurance didn't cover. Then on to the orthodontist office to drop off a disc of Eden's x-ray from Dr. Waite and purchase the mouth rinse Journey uses.

Then the girls and I decided that we needed ice cream. We headed to DQ and bought ice cream and yes, we had it before dinner!  

Oh I almost forgot! Eden will be getting braces at the end of the month! I cried again yesterday as I was told yet again the it is free! The orthodontist is doing this for Eden out of is generosity and love for the orphan. God's love and provision is amazing and I praise his name for this wonderful gift!

The plan right now, Lord willing is to get Mackinley and Kendall in their braces once I get my tax return back! 

I have been looking over our new home school catalog for next year. I love that I can look at a sample of the DVD's for each subject! The other half of my tax return will be used for our homeschooling curriculum! I love the BJU homeschool material. It is a GREAT fit for us.

Last weekend, Kendall spent the day with my sister and they cooked for us. Lots and lots of casseroles for the freezer plus two huge jars of soup! Thanks Bobie for the time with Kendall and for the yummy meals! May God bless you 100 times over that which you have done for us.

Tornado like conditions are in the forecast for much of the state today. I pray that they do not hit in this area or any area for that matter! Praying for God's protection over my home and family!

Until next time . . . I trust you, Jesus!