Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Loving the process

Adoption news: Yesterday, I received an email with the name of the social worker that will coordinate the early part of the adoption paperwork! She is out of the office this week for Thanksgiving and I should be hearing from her next week!

I want to give a shout out to my sister, Bobie! She and my sister, Diana have been such a huge help to my parents! Dad had cataract surgery yesterday and Bobie was their designated driver! I appreciate her taking time from work to be there! Mom doesn't drive anymore and she needs a good strong person to "lean" on when dad is out of commission! Thank you for being there when I cannot!

My parents are probably the most excited about the addition of Addison! My dad couldn't wait to hear if my application to adopt had been accepted! My girls love Nena and Poppa! Each has formed a special bond with their grandparents!

We are taking a mini vacation from school this week! Yesterday, we did spelling, it was a review lesson, all four girls took their spelling test and that is behind us for the week. Today, they are writing in their journals. The topic today, The things I am thankful for! I love reading their journals it gives me an insight to where they are and what they are thinking. Often they express things in the journal assignment that they have yet to put into words.

There is so much to do in preparing for Addison, the paperwork, the clothes, the additional furniture and you know what . . . I am thrilled to be in the middle of this! God is good and I cannot wait to meet this sweet girl!

God love for this child is far greater than mine and I cannot wait to see how he provides to bring her home! Nothing is impossible for him!

Until next time. . .

Sunday, November 23, 2014

God is faithful!

I am awed by God and what he is doing! Yesterday, thanks to many of you, I received a fourth of what I need for my first agency payment! God truly loves my girl and He wants her home! I am honored that he would allow me to bring one more treasure home.

My sister has donated a twin bed so my girl has a bed, I will need only to purchase her headboard! Again, God is at work putting all the pieces together!

Our precious girl will be named, Addison Olivia (Chinese name). Her sister's have already shared her English name with her via QQ and she told them she liked it. I cannot wait to meet this sweet treasure! 

Kendall's birthday is next week and she is beyond excited! Can you imagine never having your birthday celebrated? Her first 11 birthdays went by unnoticed, on her 12th birthday I sent a cake but unfortunately they didn't give it to her on her actual birthday! Now she knows what it is like to have family come together to celebrate her!

Bonding is on going at my house! One of the girls recently opened up and shared some things that showed me a hint of the progress we are making! It made my heart glad that I was allowed this glimpse into her heart. She hasn't always been able to share her feelings and this was a huge step for her.

Next week besides celebrating Kendall's birthday and Thanksgiving, we are going to the Alabama Shakespeare Theater to see A Christmas Carol! We will also meet with a wonderful family from Huntsville. They adopted Kendall's best friend, Phoebe! I can't wait to visit with them again! I so rarely get to talk with fellow adoption mom and it is a huge blessing to me as well!

I close thanking you for your prayers and support! God is so GOOD!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

It's beginning to look like . . .

Yes, it's beginning to look like an adoption paper chase!

It is real, I have received a letter from the President/Executive Director of my adoption agency, a sample consulting service agreement for adoption, adoption policies and practices, the current fee schedule, (Yikes), A quick look at our Adoption programs, a 99 page China Adoption Manual, a China starter kit manual, and last but not least a China Alabama Supplement.

My first payment is due! Why, oh why does adoption cost so much? Why do singles not qualify for many of the grants and loans that are opened to married couples? Why must I fund raise?

God is in the details! I'm not sure how, yet I trust that he will provide all that is needed to bring my girl home! I know, there are those that would say if you can't afford it, why adopt again? 

I feel without a doubt that God called me to offer a home to older girls. Girls near aging out of the adoption system. Girls that have been passed over for years for various reasons. Girls that have a bleak future if left in their homeland! Girls that most likely would have never heard about Jesus, or had a home, a family, love, or an education. 

This is my mission, this is my calling! You see God isn't finished with this old single mama! He called me to love my girls! He called me to give them a home! While some say it is too much work at my age, I would tell you it so much more! The true blessing is mine as the girls and I have bonded and have grown to love and trust one another.

If you feel led to give to help me bring this precious child home I have a gofundme account and of course you can donate via the button on my blog near the top right hand side. 

I thank you for coming along beside me to help via your prayers and gifts of love for the orphan! 

Until next time . . .

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The answer . . .

The long awaited answer came at 5:44 p.m. this evening! My agency said, yes! My application to adopt has been approved!

I told the girls as they were eating their take-out Chinese, Journey said, now I will have a mei,mei (younger sister)! They all wanted to get on QQ to tell this treasure the good news!

Please keep us in your prayers as we move forward!

Until next time . . .

Saturday, November 15, 2014

So we wait . . .

I honestly thought we would have an answer by now, apparently the team that will decide our fate and that of the little treasure in China is busy with more pressing matters! I can't believe they didn't drop everything to discuss this extremely important situation! Seriously, I inquired today and one of the key team members is out of town. She indicated that they will meet once she returns the first part of next week. So we wait!

I certainly understand that waiting is part of the adoption journey, after all I've been down this road a couple of times. The hardest part for me is that I can't fund raise when the okay to adopt is still pending, yet I can't move forward once approved without the needed funds. I feel that I'm in a catch 22!

Eden went to the dentist this week. Before we went she told me she wanted a mask like the ones I wear at work. I didn't think to much about it until she came out from the back wearing this . . .

I had Eden take these photos as I wanted to remember this precious moment when my girl got exactly want she wanted. I giggled all the way home that something so small and insignificant as a face mask could make my child happy!

This is brown bear! She goes nearly everywhere with Kendall! Kendall has even showered with brown bear saying that brown bear needed a bath. Once out of the shower BB has quality dryer time!

Kendall did some work for my sister and bought a bottle to feed BB with the money she earned. She also bought a coke for each of her sisters. She loves to share! Needless to say, BB is well loved!

It is easy to forget that my girls come from hard places! A past that did not involve the simple toys of childhood! They missed the nurturing of a mom and dad and they are receiving and witnessing nurturing first hand! I love seeing them love and care for their bears, dolls and other stuffed animals!

One minute they are playing simple childhood games and other times they are acting like true teens. It seems so unfair to be in the middle to two different developmental stages. I know with time this gap will close and they will be more on target.

This week we found the CD from Journey's orphanage and what a blessing to look at her photos and that of the waiting treasure in China. 

So we wait . . . until next time!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The visit!

Yesterday, was the home study visit for the application to adopt process. I have always loved my social worker and after the visit my feelings remain the same. My agency is blessed to have her as part of their team!

Here's how it went, she talked with me alone for a good while, that was of course after greeting each of the girls. Kendall met her in the living room and welcomed her like a long lost friend. After all, she does visit more than distant family!

I feel that she heard my heart and truly knows that I feel that adoption is a calling! I appreciated the fact that I could tell her exactly how I felt about this process, adoption, and the concerns I have about taking this step to add one more to our family.

She spoke with each of the girls and asked them how they felt about sharing their room and their toys! I loved hearing their answers all honest and all fitting their personalities! I was in the kitchen preparing dinner as they talked! Close enough to translate if needed, yet far enough away that they had the freedom to speak from their hearts!

She will report back to the agency sometime this afternoon as she has meetings this morning. I assume sometime after that they will meet to determine their answer. 

I will not lie, this has been h-a-r-d, however, it has given me a new perspective on my agency and how thorough they are in avoiding any type of disruption during/after the process begins, that of course would be devastating to one and all!

Now back to our regular family activities. Mackinley goes today for her final contact review! They will check her eyes with the contacts and I guess answer any questions she may have!

Tomorrow, Eden goes for her filling and then I think we are through with appointments for a couple of weeks. Although, I would have to check my calendar to be absolutely certain! The girls keep up with it too and trust me, they like to know what is going one!

This morning, I prepared and cooked a green bean casserole for work. They are celebrating Thanksgiving today! Friday, is the last day for a coworker and we are all bringing food for lunch! I took the easy way out and signed up for buns!

It's the simple pleasures that make me happy! This week my back door was finally finished, inside and out! The repair man did a beautiful job. The shutters are up after being resized to fit the new door and I am not missing the two beach towels that were taped up for privacy! 

He also repaired the dripping faucet in my shower and unclogged the bathroom sinks! I feel like I'm living in a new improved home, well actually I am! As soon as I save a little more money I have a couple more projects for him!

Waiting is part of life . . . waiting for answers, waiting to save up for the next home repair project, waiting for God's direction and leading! I am reminded by Paul, to be content, rejoice and appreciate where I am now and look to the future with hope that comes from God my father!

Until next time . . .

Sunday, November 9, 2014


The girls are becoming true sisters in every sense of the term, and those of us that are sisters know that not every moment is peaceful and loving!

This is when certain orphanage behaviors and lack of parenting presents itself in not such a nice way, especially for one of my darling daughters!

She has a difficult time admitting mistakes, and asking for forgiveness, and apologizing!

This week we had a little car therapy! Love our time to talk and reenforce solid truth and lessons! First, I told them I was a sister and know first hand that you aren't going to get along every moment. This came as a surprise to them! I went on to tell them that because we are family. we walk in love, we forgive, and think about the "good" things about each other.

So, we all went around the car naming at least one good thing about each other. A time to reinforce positive thinking and build up our sisters with words of affirmation!

After that, I reminded them that they each named many things about their sisters and that when they were upset with them they needed to focus on what is right about them rather than the issue that has them upset.

Love and positive thinking is a choice and we are taking baby steps toward Biblical thinking and living! Thankfully, our times of conflict are few but with four hormonal girls you can imagine that we do have our moments! I'm thankful that this is life and we are doing life together one day at a time!

Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy—meditate on these things. Philippians 4:8

Until next time  . . .

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Catching up!

Tuesday, Mackinley had a bilateral otoplasty! We snapped a few photos for the blog! Mackinley gave me permission to share these photos.

Waiting to be called back!

Dressed or should I say, undressed? 
This was Mackinley's first surgery.

She was cold and they gave her a warming blanket.
The "hair hugger" blows warm air through small holes in a special blanket which helps keep a patient warm.

Mackinley wanted to see how the doctor had marked her ear so I snapped this to show her what her ear looked like!

 Poor baby, this was how she looked upon arrival to PACU! She had to wear this "helmet" dressing for just over 24 hours.

Mackinley rocking her new pink headband! 
She will have to wear a headband for the next three weeks while her ears heal!
She got her contacts just in time!

Just to prove that I really do cook once in a while!
I tried a new recipe for potato soup and it was easy and good!

While Mackinley was sleeping, under the watchful care of her sisters, Eden and I slipped over to the orthodontist office!

Eden's smile doesn't really show her top teeth.
If you look closely, you can see a space on the left in this photo!

 Can you see the difference?
My girl has a new tooth and on her next visit they will take impression for her space on the right!

My girl is getting the smile she has longed for! Right now, we are in the phase of getting her teeth aligned! Once that is done she will go for another surgery to advance her top jaw!

On Thursday, Mackinley felt like going out for a little bit so we headed to the girl's favorite Chinese restaurant , Mr. Chen's!

We had soup, dumplings, and Chinese milk tea! I ordered mine without the tapioca pearls!

Today, is Jordan's birthday! I'm working and can't celebrate with her, nonetheless, she is in my thoughts and prayers for a great day!

Happy Birthday, Jordan!

Until next time . . .

Friday, November 7, 2014

He gets it!

My grown son lives with me! He and his son moved in years ago due to circumstances beyond his control. The story is his to tell. Recently, he thought of making a move to another state to get a fresh start and to live near good friends in a great community! He visited and loved everything about this new location!

He knew that my adoption agency was questioning rather or not I could handle another girl, and he knew that there were times I needed an adult at home! Guess what, HE GETS IT! He decided to stay home a bit longer to help with the treasures.

His heart was moved, like mine, when he heard that this precious child in China wanted us to adopt her! He agrees 100% that we should move forward. 

Matthew is a burly kind of guy that comes across like a gruff bear yet underneath and when it counts he is a stand up kind of man! He has a strong moral compass that makes a mom proud!

I'm thankful for Matthew's help and his willingness to put off a change (for now) to be there for us his family!

Yes, he gets it!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


National Adoption Month! 

I am blessed beyond measure by the miracle of adoption! I have four beautiful girls all from China, each adopted as teens, after years of waiting and watching their friends leave one by one, it was finally their turn!

Adoption is redemption! Just look at the transformation that comes from being loved by a family.

Kendall Katherine
Gotcha Day, May 6, 2012
October 2013

Kendall has a smile that lights up a room and my heart! Kendall comes from the hardest of places, yet that has not stopped her from reaching new milestones!
Journey Caroline
Gotcha Day, May 13, 2012

October 1013

Journey, the leader of the group (the youngest too)! She and Mackinley have developed a special bond. I can see Journey as the CEO of her own company one day! She definitely knows how to delegate!

Mackinley Alexandra
Gotcha Day, September 2, 2013

October 2013
Taken just one month after arriving in the US!

Mackinley is definitely the quietest of all the girls! She has high expectations for herself. Her first year here was filled with a lot of grief as she was blessed with a wonderful foster family that she missed throughout the year. Each day brings more peace to this wonderful child and she is blossoming. Truly a beautiful young lady, inside and out.

Eden Victoria
 Gotcha Day, September 2, 2013

October 2013
Eden is a doll baby that loves to talk! She and Kendall have bonded! Like Mackinley, Eden came from a good foster family! She has transitioned well this year. Eden is a wonderful helper and is kind hearted.

October 11, 2014

I love sharing about my experience with older girl adoption. The road hasn't always been easy yet it is a road that I would travel again if allowed! My girls have shared the pain of being called "orphanage girls" and being made fun of for their various special needs, some have known extreme hunger and being cold. Now, they know the love of a mom, extended family, and more importantly the love God!

Yes, God has a plan, hope, and future for my girls!

Until next time . . .

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Southern Hospitality by Jean

Today, I share from a blog that is one of my favorites! Jean shares this story far better than I could so sit back and enjoy! 

I pray that God will open your heart for one of these kids, if not you then perhaps someone you know! Share, share, share. Let's get the word out that these treasures need a home, a family, love!


Until next time . . .

Monday, November 3, 2014

The next step!

The girls talked with their waiting sister in China via QQ, she told them to hurry, she post that request every time, and that she can't wait for us to come and get her. She wants to try American food! I'm not sure where that came from.

Today, I texted my social worker to set up an appointment for the required visit prior to my agency reviewing my application again. The visit is scheduled for November 11th, she will report back to the agency and then the committee will meet and decide if we are an acceptable family to adopt.

I know the agency is doing what they think is best, yet it is hard to have to jump through so many extra hoops that have not been part of the process in the past. I do understand their concerns, yet it is hard, especially knowing how much this child wants to join our family and how much we want her!

I am thankful that God called us to adopt and I know that he loves this waiting treasure and his plan is perfect for her and us!

Now on to other things, in China, did you know that if a dog isn't poisoned they eat it, this is according to one of my daughters that lived with a foster family. If the dog was poisoned they throw it away! I guess that means no pet cemeteries!

We have so many interesting conversations around here! I feel so extremely blessed to have my girls and I love hearing about their past and the things that were special to them. Unfortunately, for one there is little joy and few happy memories.

Adoption is about redemption and how I love watching the transformation that has transpired with each of the girls. God knew these girls long before they knew he existed, he planned their future, and he has given them a hope!

Until next time . . . trusting Him with our families future!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

When the rubber meets the road!

Praising and trusting God in the storms of life! During Sunday worship it is easy to sing about praising God during the storms of life, but on Monday morning when the rubber hits the road, do I have that same spirit of praise? 

We've all been there, you know those weeks where at every turn there seems to be a test, a new twist to a situation, and that unexpected plumbing problem that makes you late for work!

It seems the enemy is at work trying to steal my joy and keep me from the very thing I was called to do! At this point it would be very easy to throw up my hands and say, let someone else do it, this is too much, too many hoops to jump through, and too draining on my faith and endurance! Now, isn't that exactly what the enemy wants? Guess what? I'm not going to let him win, I will renew my strength in the word and promises of God. I will praise God for what he has done and is doing on behalf of this beautiful waiting treasure. 

I would ask that you join me in praying for wisdom! I need clarity in a situation and a solution, not a Vicky solution but a God-divine solution. At this time I cannot share details but when God shows me the way in which I am to walk, I will gladly share this praise report with you.

When I am met at the car by all four girls talking at once I know something is up! (I'm quick that way!) Today's problem, a kitchen sink that would not turn off! Hot water going down the drain for well over two hours! Yikes!

After calling several plumbers, I finally found one that agreed to come out on a late Friday afternoon! My sweet neighbors helped me turn the water off at the street! The water problem was corrected at the tune of, on never mind you don't need to know!

Wednesday after work, I took three of the four girls to get new jeans. I had already shopped with Journey so she elected to stay at home with Gavin to finish up some of her school. I cannot believe how much the girls have grown since last year!

Mackinley has mastered getting her contacts in and out with only one hand! Thursday, we had to run get a new contact as one of her lenses had a small chip missing! I'm not sure how that happened! 

Speaking of Mackinley, she is having surgery on Tuesday. I pray that things go well. She is having a bilateral otoplasty. It's been a busy time for Mackinley first braces, then contacts and now her ears! My already beautiful girl is transforming right before my eyes.

Several of the girls have talked about being "orphanage" girls and how they were often made fun of or had the other mothers look down on them for this status. They have had to deal with a level of pain and rejection that no child should ever know! My babies are brave and strong young woman!

Until next time . . .praising my God in the storm!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


After my phone call last night with my agency's representative the girls came rushing in to find out if we could adopt their waiting sister. We talked and I told them it wasn't a yes nor was it a no! They immediately said, its "maybe"!

This is where we stand at this time. My social worker has to come to the house and see that there is room for one more. She has to hear first hand how we do life! How we manage with my work schedule.

Let me say this, for the first time during the process I felt encouraged by my agency and felt that they are working hard to make this happen! So one day soon our social worker will visit again! 

Now on something other than if we can or cannot adopt again!

Yesterday, our "found" tee shirts arrived! I ordered the wrong size for one of the girls (insert sad face)! I'm going to give her mine, she will have it as a sleep shirt.  Now, I have two extra ladies fitted small if you want one let me know and I'll share them with you!

If you are on FB you know that Journey and Eden had orthodontist appointments this week. Journey received a stronger wire and her first rubber band. Eden too received a stronger wire and they made an impression to add a front tooth! My little cleft girl is going to be so excited when she sees this addition! She has longed to have a mouth like her sisters.

Yesterday afternoon we went for a contact fitting for Journey and Mackinley! My Mackinley rocked it, she is amazing! I just love her spirit and determination! Journey just couldn't make herself touch her eye, so while Mackinley was practicing and learning all about contact care, Journey and I headed to the other side of the office to pick out new glasses. We found the cutest pair on the adult side but had to go with another child's frame as her face is so beautifully petite!

Eden was to have a cavity filled today, I rescheduled as her little mouth is still sore from the stronger wire and all the manipulation on Monday.

Last night, as she does many nights, Kendall slept with me. She and her brown bear usually appear 10 to 15 minutes after our nightly prayers in their room. This girl came from a hard place and let me tell you, she is gaining ground every day! Yes, my heart swells with joy at seeing her gain skills she thought she would never have and to see her smile when she accomplishes a new reading assignment is priceless!

Mackinley has been working two school lessons each day this week in preparation for her surgery next week. Thankfully, no trips to B'ham this will be performed at the facility where I work. I have complete confidence in the team there and know she is in wonderful hands! For those that worry that I don't spend enough time with the girls, I'm off four days next week to care for this treasure!

As a single parent family we have to do things a little unconventional at times and we don't always have the "perks" of a family with two parents, yet we have love. One of the girls this week told me that God is her baba! Yes, that's right darling, God is your baba and he loves you!

Oh I almost forgot, sweet Eden has acne and I took her to the dermatologist yesterday morning before work. I have to buy her white sheets as the wash she is to use will bleach her current set. She has requested flannel white sheets! We can do that!

We have a lot going on but doesn't every family? 

I am overwhelmed by the love and support that I have received during this process! Thank you for your prayers! God our Father is listening and I hope to tell you soon that HE opened the door one more time for us to add Journey's orphanage sister to the fold!

Until then resting on  . . . him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen.  (Ephesians 3:20-21)

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Still I will trust him . . .

I wrote a blog yesterday about more of my thoughts and feelings. After rereading my work, I decided it didn't have the right tone and didn't post it. I realized that I was allowing "bitterness" to creep in and had to have a prayer and repentance session with my heavenly father!

I saw this quote on FB not to long ago and saved it! Placing all that I have in God's hands and LEAVING THEM THERE is sometimes one of my biggest character flaws. 

God has a plan and a purpose, me being available to that plan is what he ask, me helping him out, not so much! 

I'm not sure what this day holds regarding the adoption agency's approval/disapproval of my application to adopt again. Without coming across too negative, I got the impression from talking to their representative that they had already made their decision and that the additional facts regarding us would not make any difference at all. Don't get me wrong, this representative was very kind and caring, she was placed in the difficult position of telling someone, you don't have what it takes to adopt again, we as an agency don't think you can do it, your plate is too full!

Yet, I know God can open doors no man can shut and shut doors no man can open. My faith has to be in HIM and what He can do! I have to place my confidence in Him and not man!

I cannot begin to thank all those that have loved, and prayed for us and the waiting treasure during this time. To see such a community of support reminds me of God's love for me and my wonderful family! Thank you for believing in us when others did not!

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us, unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end. Amen.

Still I will trust Him no matter the outcome today . . .

Saturday, October 25, 2014

When love is not enough . . .

I'm not sure how to write this without coming across angry and bitter! I am neither of those things, yet I am deeply sadden and hurt that there are those that would decide the future for our family without really knowing us. 

A panel of highly trained professionals are looking at the numbers, and it seems there are concerns! 

Concerns about me working and not being there enough for the girls, sleeping arrangements, schooling, and what if this "aging out" girl has issues? Would I be able to handle those along with my other responsibilities?

Yes, I have ridiculous work schedule and my days off are few but that does not stop me from leaving work early when the schedule permits, and making time for each of my girls! We get 4 hours of quality time in the car each week as we travel between Dothan and Montgomery. Time to laugh, talk, school and play without the distractions of TV, phones and electronics!

My working has taught the girls that they must help out around the house. Everyone pulls together to get the chores accomplished. I will not apologize for this as helping around the house builds character and a sense of responsibility!

In the last few months we have visited family, celebrated birthdays, decorated pumpkins, and attended a play, in additon to our school work! We have even made time for a few "frozen" treats!

The girls love sharing a bedroom and the plan was to add our next treasure to the room. It helped Eden and Mackinley to share a room with Kendall and Journey and actually it helped them also! Bonding, bonding, bonding! Learning to be sisters just doesn't happen over night!

The coolest thing about the girls sharing rooms is that they look out for one another. If one is sad or not feeling well, I'm quickly notified by one of the "concerned" sisters! They know that I want to know and that I care!

Adding a bed to the room with make things a little snug but not undoable! My girls are big girls and they don't play on the floor. Most of their play which is a lot of arts and crafts are done around the kitchen table. 

Remember the big farm table I just purchased? A great place for all of us to sit and talk, do school work and play! Plus my room has an open floor and the girls often end up in there with me as we watch TV and check our school work.

With a large family comes certain sacrifices, especially when the mom is single! The love and acceptance of family far out weighs the newest trend, and/or gadget! I grew up in a modest home with four sisters. We learned to work for the extra's and to help our family. We all have wonderful values as adults, this is what I want for my children. Values, a moral compass, and a love for God!

Speaking of a love for God, each of the girls, save one has accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. The one that hasn't prayed the prayer with me is my "biggest" missionary! She tells her foster family on QQ about Jesus each time she talks to them and cried when they didn't want to know more.

These girls have faith and we pray together and trust God to meet our needs. Recently while at a restaurant two of the girls had received their meals before the rest of us, and as I glanced their way they were holding hands and praying!

The girls attend a small group for kids their age every Monday evening. This is a faith based group of kids from our church. Yes, they socialize too!

Adopting teen girls has had its issues none that we haven't worked through. I went into each adoption expecting the worse of adjustment issues and praying for the best! With each additional child comes an adjustment for each child not just the newly adopted child! Lots of love and care and working out the rough spots takes time yet bonding happens a step at a time!

We homeschool for a variety of reason! The school system where we live is not good, especially for the Jr. High age group. Kendall and Journey attended public school one year. Kendall was being passed along and Journey was catching on fairly well.

With the lack of English and the lack of exposure for one child we had to start at square one! The public school refused to give her below grade level work despite the fact she could clearly could not do grade level work! We use a curriculum that offers a Christian world view and the girls are thriving at their various grade levels! No, I am not there 24/7 yet we are getting it done and the girls are doing well! I know that we are doing the right thing for the girls!

Paying for the adoption is another concern for those that decide if I can add my waiting treasure to our family. I admit that I do not have an extra $50,000 laying around but I have a God that does. I'm willing to fund raise and if I have to I'm willing to cash in some of my retirement account. 

If I weren't a single mom, I don't feel that any of these things would be an issue and I've seen married families add far more than 5 children. I understand they want what is best for the girls at home and the waiting treasure, and SO DO I!

I may be old and single but God isn't finished with me nor is he finished with my family. God is just beginning to write the girl's story and I feel this last treasure is part of the story. She asked us to adopt her, she wants to be part of our family and the girls and I want her to be a part of our family!

Not everything that looks good on paper is right, the same holds true when you just look at the numbers and interject your opinions in the mix without knowing us. We are a family of love and despite everything we are strong and have room for one more!

Now, to place it in God's hands and pray that he will open the doors for us to bring this sweet baby home! I just pray that those that make the decisions will truly hear our heart and not just look at the what if's!

Adoption is not something I take lightly nor is it something that I would ever end just because the going got rough! These girls are my daughter's for life and I am grateful that God allowed me to be part of his plan!

Waiting . . .

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Inch by Inch

I have heard from Lifeline, they are reviewing my application and I should be hearing from them in the next 5 to 7 days. 

I wanted to clarify something, this adoption is unique in the fact that Journey and our waiting daughter are already friends and communicated via QQ before the adoption process started. This is not the norm!

We were given permission by the Lifeline China representatives to tell our waiting girl that we wanted to adopt her and for the girls to talk with her. Again this is not the norm!

Some of you have asked about her name. If you are one of the Zhongshon parents you already know her Chinese name. I cannot share her name, and the fact that she is not on an agency's list, she doesn't have a list name for me to share. The girl's and I have decided on her American name!

I can share her photo for those that do not know what our darling treasure looks like! Oh my, I cannot wait to come for you! You have had to wait entirely to long!

Did you know that many of the fine organizations that give grants do not allow single's to apply! I understand the why's but this makes our road as a single a little more challenging! I am thankful that God understands this and that HE knows the need!

I truly believe that God will provide, he loves my waiting daughter and he is making a way for her to come home to a family that will love and care for her. 

To those that think I'm crazy and those that feel that I shouldn't be adopting, let me leave you with this!

While I cannot adopt every child I can make a difference to this child! 

Until next time . . .

Sunday, October 19, 2014

It is official!

We, as the girls and I, are submitting our application to Lifeline to adopt a little girl from Journey's orphanage. This is the first step in the long process of adoption, and the first of many waits!

We are totally in love with this child and can't wait for her to join our family! The girls have already sent her messages on QQ telling her that they are excited that she will be their sister.

I sure hope that we are approved, if not there will be five disappointed girls, especially the one in China! This child has watched all her friends leave and has maintained contact with one of her good friends via QQ! On her first QQ chat with Journey she asked if we would adopt her!

She wants a family and she ages out next year, if approved we will have somewhat of a race to complete all the paperwork and home visits before travel.

One of our biggest obstacles will be raising the money for all the adoption, travel and china fees! God has proven himself faithful and we are stepping out and trusting him to open the windows of heaven on behalf of this child.

Yes, we know this looks crazy, but we know that this is God's perfect plan for our family! We are trusting him one more time to bring another wonderful China treasure home!

When accepted the first agency fee will be due! This fee is $3138.75. I do not want to go into debt for this adoption and I want to trust God to provide.  Trusting God for HIS provision.

Nothing is impossible for our God . . .

Friday, October 17, 2014

Appointments and art

We have been on the go, unfortunately I've been too busy to document with photos, until yesterday! Journey handles change and new environments by becoming a little silly! As she waited for her eyes to dilate she decided that she was the "doctor"!

All my girls share a common thread, they hate to wait!

Yes, she is barefooted! Before starting her eye exam she deposited her flip-flops next to my chair! I assume one reads better without shoes! (She does the same thing at the orthodontist).

On the way home the sun was bothering her eyes so I gave her my sunglasses to wear. 

I looked over once and this is what she looked like!

Seriously, this girl cracks me up! Next week, Journey and Mackinley will be fitted for contacts, they needed stronger prescriptions and wanted to give contacts a try. Please pray that both girls can master putting the contacts in, especially Mackinley. The ladies at the office were concerned because Mackinley has only one hand. 

Eden's eyes checked out fine! This sweet girl gets so nervous before any type of exam! She would tell the assistant that she couldn't read the first line place on the screen, they would move it up one row and then she would go on to read it, the original line and two below that! She has the best sight of all the girls!

Last Sunday afternoon we did a little pumpkin art!

I thought their pumpkins turned out rather cute! 

Until next time, trusting Jesus with each decision and provision . . .

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A mother's love

My girls all have something in common, they do not know their birth mother's. We talk about their birth mom's and I assure them of her love for them.

I always start out saying, I do not know the circumstances that lead her to leave you, but I know that she loved you enough to ensure that you would be found. I remind that that if she hadn't of loved you she could have placed you someplace where you would have died before being rescued!

I relate to them that as a mom you never forget about a child you birthed. I feel very strongly that she must think of them and wonder where they are and how they are doing. I assure them that she would be proud of them and what they have accomplished, just as I am!

I want my girls to grow up knowing that sometimes a mom has to do the unthinkable for reasons we will never understand, yet she gave them life and ensured that they would be cared for.

Dear Lord,
I thank you for four moms that gave birth to our beautiful daughters. Bless them and comfort their hearts when they think of their girls. In Jesus name, Amen.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Stepping out

There is a little girl in China that wants a family. This child is beautiful and perfect, yet she will be overlooked by most! Why you ask? Well, it is because she is an older child, and by older child I am not referring to a child, 5 or 6, no this girl is 13 and she is just months away from being a forever orphan!

This child has watched all her friends leave with their forever families while she was denied the opportunity of adoption due to the circumstances that landed her in the orphanage. What makes this child unique is that she has remained friends with one of her best friends via the technology known as QQ. For those unfamiliar with QQ it is a cross between instant messenger, Skype, and FB. 

Now that she is eligible for adoption she has been begging her friend to find her a family! That's where we come into the story. I received an email asking if I was interested in adopting from my daughter's orphanage? My daughter reestablished contact with this waiting girl and was immediately asked by her if we would adopt her!

My heart says, YES! My girls have it all figured out and they want to bring this sweet girl home. What is the problem?

The problem is the money, it is expensive to adopt! As a single mom, I don't qualify for grants by many of the generous grant giving companies. It is a fact that donations aren't as forthcoming on 2nd/3rd time adoptions, especially when people don't think you should be adopting again in the first place.

There are those that think that I "missed" God when I adopted the last two. I have already had comments, enough, you are killing yourself working to care for the kids you have, are you crazy, God's call doesn't mean you need to adopt again, and you can't "save" them all!

I knew adopting as a single parent wasn't going to be a "cake walk" and I knew that it meant I would have to work longer and harder! Sure, I dream of that day when I can cut back a bit but not at the expense of a child being put out on the streets or ending up without the love of a family and ultimately knowing that Jesus loves them!

Did you know that my girls are witnessing to their foster families in China, and one weeps when they do not want to hear about Jesus. One year ago this child was near aging out and now God is using her to tell those in her homeland about Jesus.

God's plan is greater than mine and I want to always say, yes despite any hardship to myself. You see this isn't about me, it is about being obedient, and trusting God to work out the details no matter how impossible they may seem.

As I take this simple step forward would you join me in praying for a God size miracle to 100% funding to include, travel, in country stay and 6 weeks off work once home. This is huge, but nothing is bigger than what God can do.

Dear Lord, 
Help me to listen to you and your will, let my eyes and heart be focused on your plan and not the words of others. Give me the wisdom to know the difference in Godly advice and other's opinions. Give me the faith to be obedient in all things! In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Stepping out in faith . . .